Disassociation, by Vicious 5150

BNE (Business Never Ends) - Outta The Hat Episode 1 : The Years

Hosted by Vicious 5150 and RcThaHazard

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Vicious 5150 featuring Mr. Morder and Fano- “Dreamcatcher”

Produced by Vicious 5150

Video shot and edited by Tyrow James for City Slickers Productions

From the upcoming album, “Disassociation” available June 1st!



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Vicious 5150 - Fleshbag (Full Album 2012)

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1. Fleshbag - 0:00

2. The MC (additional vocals by IZK) - 1:37

3. One Way - 4:09

4. I Wanna Be Livin’ - 6:22

5. Haah (Interlude) ft Dilinkwit - 8:41

6. The World Owes You Nothin’ - 10:04

7. The Drifter - 12:41

8. Let Go - 15:33

9. Never Fall - 18:28

10. Feel It In The Air ft Darkness - 21:28

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Vicious 5150 - “One Way (Sweet Revenge Mix)
Written and produced by Vicious 5150
Recorded and mastered by Vicious 5150

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Wow, I’m blogging an update!! This should be good…

"Wow, Vicious actually blogged an update for once" (assuming you’ve been paying attention, or you even give a shit to begin with, so if you do, have I got somethin’ for YOU! Yes, you over there with the face!). 

Where to begin? Well, first off, I have to say thank you for all the ongoing support from everybody all this time, it’s a really inspiring feeling to know people other than yourself believe in what you’re doing. I’ve been gaining support from many different walks of life and areas of the world, so….I still don’t quite know what exactly my market is, all I know is I enjoy making “weird” music for people who like to listen to “weird” music.


Next on the docket, progression. 2012 and 2013 have easily been my busiest and most educational years musically. Since then, I’ve learned so many things I had once never desired to take the time to learn, I just wanted to rap, and that was it. Now in 2013, I’ve learned the recording process, tried my hand at making my own beats and mixing my own work (I am currently on my 4th all self produced project to date), and I’ve racked up plenty more experience in my live performance as well, which I’ve now become much more comfortable with, as well as much larger support from venues and promoters, and for that I thank you all (*cough* Wolf Bar *cough*). I got to do a song with Moka Only, open for Prevail of Swollen Members, as well as start travelling back to the island for shows (damn, do i love that place lol). Long story short, I’ve really come to understand myself as an artist a hell of a lot better than in recent years, but, you never forget where your roots are, I regret nothing.

And finally, the people I’ve had the honour of working with in the past few years. First off, BNE (Business Never Ends), which consists of mainly artists I’ve been already working with for years and years to this day, such as RcThaHazard, 1Del, DZ Man, and Synz, we were all once part of seperate groups in recent years, but decided to just be a single entity. Tyrow James, what can I say, one of the most original artists I’ve ever encountered in all of my years, completely against the grain to the core, as well as a very kickass video director in my personal opinion, I always enjoy working on videos, shows and songs with that guy, he gets the ultimate respect from me. Mista Mead, IZK, Big J, (The 604 Click), those guys really bring the innocence of the hip hop culture and what it really means to just vibe and have total fun with music, they are avid supporters of pretty much ANYTHING local, which is really lacking especially in our area. They’ve come a very long way, very proud of them, thanks for sticking by me. The Rappists, the mostly Maple Ridge based self proclaimed “outsiders of hip hop” (could not be more true), another group I’ve recently become a part of. What to say about those guys to sum it up…innovative, original, supportive, versatile musically, great people to vibe with great attitudes towards making music. Mr Morder of the group also runs a local magazine by the name of “701 Magazine” (look for me in the next issue!!), which named after the bus route from Coquitlam to Maple Ridge, promotes local indy artists of many genres. I’ve reconnected with my old friend from school, Shane Ragoo, the best damn drummer I’ve ever worked with, we’ve been working on some pretty crazy stuff and perhaps something will surface out of it in the near distant future. Basically, to sum it up for everybody, these people have given me nothing but motivation and inspiration to keep doing what I was put here to do. I hope I’ve done the same for you guys. I’m sure I’m forgetting a million people here lol, but I just thought I’d take the time to get this out.  oh yea…p.s….Anti Heroes Alliance, don’t even try to step to their weirdness, you just won’t win, another favourite crew of mine, you guys are dope, thanks for everything.

I’m sure you’re growing as tired of reading this as I am of writing it. Hope to see some of you readers at a gig!

- Will “Vicious 5150” Lang


Vicious 5150 featuring Mista Mead - “Lore”
Written by Vicious 5150 and Mista Mead
Produced by Vicious 5150
Mixed and recorded by Vicious 5150

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"Terminal Illness" (Remix)
Tyrow James featuring Duble & Vicious 5150
Daydream Reality (2013)
Big Maha Records

Produced By : Dilinkwit

Director : Tyrow James (for City Slickers Productions)
Additional Filming : Tyler Street (for Angry Jade Entertainment)
Filming Dates : January 2013
Filming Locations : Cloverdale, British Columbia
Cameos : Tyler Street, Toxic Mike (of Toxic Shock Syndrome) & Becca Rad

New album “Fleshbag” available for free download here : 

Vicious 5150 - “Fleshbag”
Download the MP3 : https://soundcloud.com/vicious-5150/1-fleshbag?in=vicious-5150/sets/fleshbag
Written and produced by Vicious 5150
Recorded and mastered by Vicious 5150
Video directed by Tyrow James for City Slickers Productions

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